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Alastair Goldfisher, Apis Cor Contributor

Partner Blog: Changing the future of home building with 3D printing tech

3D printing didn’t begin with the home in mind, but the future of 3D tech is squarely focused on home and building construction process. What started out as a way to make design prototypes for modeling, 3D printing has since the last century been used in healthcare, manufacturing and other industries. And the technology has spread to the consumer market in the last decade as the cost of at-home 3D printers has dropped.

Indeed, most people are familiar with 3D printing for its ability to create small things. But construction-grade, large-scale 3D printers are demonstrating that the tech is not just for experimenting or playing around. By utilizing industrial 3D printing technology to produce homes as well as a growing number of other structures, the 3D industry is seeing demand soar for forward-thinking innovation within the construction community.

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