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Apis Cor Blog

Knowledge Hub about Construction 3D Printing Industry 

How does Apis Cor differentiate itself from its competitors? 

Apis Cor has developed a unique, proprietary printer, unrivalled by any other construction 3D printer in the industry. 

Unlike Apis Cor, most competitors utilize existing equipment like gantry printers, which have many additional site costs, transportation costs, operation costs, maintenance costs, and setup costs. Gantry printers are massive and require an additional slab apron or concrete footer to be constructed to support the weight of the printer.

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Partner Blog: Changing the future of home building with 3D printing tech

3D printing didn’t begin with the home in mind, but the future of 3D tech is squarely focused on home and building construction process. What started out as a way to make design prototypes for modeling, 3D printing has since the last century been used in healthcare, manufacturing and other industries. And the technology has spread to the consumer market in the last decade as the cost of at-home 3D printers has dropped.

Indeed, most people are familiar with 3D printing for its ability to create small things. But construction-grade, large-scale 3D printers are demonstrating that the tech is not just for experimenting or playing around. By utilizing industrial 3D printing technology to produce homes as well as a growing number of other structures, the 3D industry is seeing demand soar for forward-thinking innovation within the construction community.

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The Effects of Cement and Global Warming

Cement’s Impact on Our World

As millions around the world begin to feel the effects of climate change, concrete and cement production have entered the spotlight as a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. With more than 10 billion tons of concrete being produced annually, concrete is the most consumed material in the world—other than water. With three tons used for every person in the world annually, twice as much concrete is used in construction as compared to all other building materials.

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The Housing Crisis and How Apis Cor is Helping

Right now, the average American home sells for $478,000; homes are a necessity that many cannot afford. Experts agree that the shortage of skilled labor and decade-long decline in worker productivity are among the leading contributors to our nation's affordable housing crisis. It’s difficult to imagine that the supply of new homes will keep pace with demand if we continue relying on the traditional building methods which have contributed to the current crisis.  

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Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

We’ve developed a revolutionary robotic 3D printer that will transform the way we think about the construction industry. With Apis-Cor you can build your home significantly faster than traditional construction with our 3D printing technology that builds it for you!

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